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A-Z of Foods by  Mohini Sethi

Price : 500 , Pages : 35 , Genre : Children’s Book , Language : English , Binding: Paperback

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A-Z of FoodsThis publication is visualized as a starting point for a series on Nutrition Education of Children at an age when they are beginning to explore the world around them and also pose eating problems for parents. At the same time parents and teachers are pressurizing the children to learn the alphabet to prepare them for entry into nursery schools. Other parents are anxious to overfeed their children because they want them to grow well and energetic.

This book merely familiarizes the child with different foods, the names of which start with the alphabets from A-Z. The foods are presented pictorially to include a variety that are commonly available and fed to the children in different forms according to their traditions. Not only will this expose the child to some unfamiliar foods, but will give ideas to parents of the variety they can present to children every day. Through association with their meals, children will not only enjoy learning the alphabet but will also get exposed to the shape, size and color of different foods, apart from getting interested in books and developing the reading habit. They may desire to taste some unfamiliar foods, feel forms, textures and flavors and have fun with foods and eating, as they progress with subsequent books in the series.