Power Publishers new release : The Clandestine Wrath

The Clandestine Wrath by Kiran Babu P

Price : Rs. 350, Pages : 252, Genre : Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789382070627.

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Humanity faces a new threat with eventful and inexplicable twists in some mysterious proceedings. Fatalities in the country especially due to accidents, have taken an abnormal ascent. The government, police forces including CBI struggle to clear the murkiness, while this anomaly has already attracted attention from all over the world. Three policemen of different cadres who were handed over this case to handle, encounter a few saints with crazy dreams and also identify some mysterious army on possible rampage. Are they accidents or murders? Is there any correlation between these clusters of people? Will they succeed in resolving some more webbed mysteries? The obscurity unfolds, as these vivid characters realize their true rationale of their existence.