Power Publishers new release : The Story of Kashmir Affairs and Sundry Topics

The Story of Kashmir Affairs and Sundry TopicsThe Story of Kashmir Affairs and Sundry Topics  by Triloki Nath Dhar

Price : Rs. 250, Pages: 150, Genre : Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789382792376.

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This book goes more deeply on the Kashmir affairs and other sundry topics on various important historical issues. It includes topics on the history of Kashmir starting from the beginning of 14th Century through present times. It contains some topics on the broader knowledge of Universe, Man and Evolution. The book consists of chapters on the events that led to the Kargil conflict and Pokhran II issues. There are topics on spiritual and scientific temper and an exhaustive commentary on important work of Shaivism. Some topics in this book are based on the importance of the sages and mystic poets for the development of the Indian civilization. The book is comprehensive knowledge based, research oriented, useful for teachers, scholars, students and general public.