Author interview: Dilip Dash on his book “Parikshya ke Tanav ebam iska Samadhan”-News in IBNS

Author interview: Dilip Dash on his book “Parikshya ke Tanav ebam iska Samadhan”

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 04 May 2018

Books have a healing effect on society and hence authors, in their own way, are social workers too, says Dilip Dash.

Congratulations on the release of ‘Pariksha ke Tanav..’ and ‘Love the Awakened Soul’. How does it feel to be a published author?

Being a doctor in Apollo Hospital and having a few books published – Five – feels great. An author is a better social worker as books can heal society. The publishing agencies are also doing great social work.

How would you compare the two books? How are they different?

“Parikshya ke Tanav Ebam Iska Samadhan” is a technical book – Medical. ‘Love’ the Awakened soul is a philosophical literary book. These two books are unique in their own respect.

How has the response been?

Till now 20 books have been sold and 20 books gifted within 15 days of publication of “Parikshya ke Tanav Ebam Iska Samadhan”. The second book has not come up yet.

In ‘Pariksha k Tanav..’ what kind of examinees are you targeting?

This book “Pariksha Ke Tanav Ebam Iska Samadhan” usually targets Higher secondary examinees to higher education examinees. Also this book gives a general idea about stress management. So it is helpful for general population.

Is ‘Love – the awakened soul’ a love story?

“Love” the Awakened “Soul” is not a love story. This is a highly philosophical literary book  — where it says that love can awaken every soul. This also means the true love for the almighty itself is an awakened soul.

What are you writing next?

My next publication will be a book which is again a technical book — on sleep management and general information regarding scientific aspects of sleep. The manuscript is in the final stage