Book review: A Bengali guide book telling you how to earn by taking advantage of the web world-News in notintown

Book review: A Bengali guide book telling you how to earn by taking advantage of the web world

NITN | @notintownlive | 23 May 2018

Book review: A Bengali guide book telling you how to earn by taking advantage of the web world

‘Internet Theke Ortho Uparjoner Guide Boi’ written in Bengali by Rajarshi Manna is a timely publication that will benefit Bengali speaking readers to harness the power of the internet to make a living.

Internet is increasingly invading our lives. Internet is making our lives easier and more difficult at once.

If we know how to harness the power of internet effectively, then it can provide us with very convenient means of income.

So here is a very useful book that talks about the ways in which internet can be used to earn money.

Internet can help us merge our passion with our survival, and this book tells us how in a very simple and lucid way.

The book highlights various means and techniques involved in generating significant income from the internet.

The author has done a tremendous job of explaining everything in detail and then given examples of some success stories because nothing inspires more than success stories of ordinary men and women like us.

Here, the author has discussed about blogging, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Online Freelancing, CPA Marketing, Youtube, and Domain Flipping.

Almost all of us are hooked to reading blogs, and watching videos on the internet.

But not many people know that while the creators of such content entertain us with their products, they also earn handsome amounts of money for that.

The idea itself is so wonderful. There are so many of us who like to write about their experiences, who like to make films on some ideas. Internet provides us with ways to share our passion and expertise with the whole world while letting us earn for our hard work.

Once you read the book, you understand that the whole process is not so difficult at all.

This book is well-researched and it contains in-depth instructions about each step involved in the process of generating revenue from your blogs, or websites, or your video channels.

So this book is a must read for all those who have been thinking of writing or of filmmaking.

Pursuing your passion is not equivalent to jumping into the open sea anymore.

This book tells you the way to turn your dreams into your success in just a few easy steps.

Unemployment and limited career opportunities are common grudges in India.

But with the advancement of technology, new doors are opening and it’s time for us to harness all the opportunities and for that we need to create awareness among the general public.

Instructional books like these, especially in vernacular languages, are surely the need of the hour

(Reviewed by Priya Das)