Book review: Poems that explore the many aspects of life

Khuje Beriyechhi Jokhn Tomay by Aniruddha Bandopadhyay is a collection of Bengali poems exploring the various aspects of life.  

Writing a poem is largely based on imagination like prose but poems come to one’s mind out of nothing in the most unexpected situation and it has the ability to express certain things that the other genres of literature may fail to portray. Aniruddha Bandopadhyay has not restricted his poems in a particular rhyme scheme, form and pattern since it has emerged right from his heart.  He has written certain poems during various phases of his life and sometimes he has chosen not to write and take a break.  A poem must come naturally to the poets and it must form a link with the readers so that they can relate to it to enjoy it to the fullest. The words that he has chosen to compose these poems are quite lucid and appropriate for the various themes.  Readers will thoroughly enjoy these Bengali poems since it can be read at any time.  This collection targets everyone to have a tryst with the poet’s creation.