Book review: This Bengali novel is a mirror to many ills seen in society today

Tamosik (in Bengali) by Satyajit Mazumdar is a multi-layered story, which includes in itself stories about various characters and their varied lives.
This fiction has many twists which may appear to complicate the plot at times but it makes the story beautiful as well.

Viru takes over the central plot and his character and charisma can impress the readers to a great extent.

The suspense that is created throughout the story has been remarkably explored by the author.

The story begins with a picturesque description of the banks of river Ganga and the author has beautifully painted a picture with words so that the readers can imagine the situation easily.

This book deals with multiple issues like murder, women trafficking, family issues, personal emotions and so on.

But the most prominent incident is the sudden absence of Basanti, Jatai’s sister, who is suspected to have fallen prey to women trafficking.

Viru is appointed by advocate Amitabh Bagchi who handles this case and untangles many complications and knots with the help of other people.

The knitting of the plot is so intricate and full of suspense that the readers cannot leave the book without completing it.

Satyajit Mazumdar is a master at describing the ambience and the incidents and these descriptions will definitely impress the readers.

The gripping story-line, the interactions between the characters, the inner turmoil, the quest, the plans executed by Viru have turned Tamosik into an interesting and engaging fiction.

The language is lucid and free flowing.

Satyajit Mazumdar’s Tamosik is a must-read for suspense-thriller lovers and also for those who want to explore the relevant issues in today’s world.

Are you ready to feel the thrill?