CoMa Chose Life by Pijush Mukherjee

CoMa Chose LifeCoMa Chose Life by Pijush Mukherjee

Price : Rs. 350, Pages: 240, Genre : Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789387852297

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Do you feel trapped in the corporate jungle with all the cannibals baying for your blood?

Very often do you think of escaping from this ugly dog eat dog situation?

After every appraisal do you think you are not only being not given your due but also you are getting used and abused by the corporate environment?

Do you want a Successful but less torturous office environment?

Do you want Happiness in what you are doing and not getting sucked into unwanted mundane work?

Do you want to have the Freedom to spend your time with your family rather than attending the forced parties of your bosses?

Do you want to break free and live a life on your terms, while doing the work that makes the difference and adds value to your and other’s lives.

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