Interview of Dr. Debashis Chakraborty – Orchi about his new book Kabita Dali

Congratulations on the release of ‘Kabita Dali’. Please share something of your book with us.
How is it different from other, poerties that were released recently?

The concept of this book lies deep seated on my observations of characters and situations from daily life. The joys & happy moments in lives of people. The deep rooted sorrows & depressions of my personal life.
But primarily the continuous inspiration I get & that what encoursges me to pen my thoughts,is the presence of an important person in my life.
She is not just an eminent singer, lyricist & musician, but a true artist.
Both in her thoughts & attitude towards others. Her deep seated feelings, sad moments & cherished ones.
I hope these mixed elements are keystones of my poetry.

Who is your favourite poet? Why him/her so special?

Rabindranath. Present in every walk of life.
Wordsworh. The inspiration in my pensive moods.

What do you like most, novel or poetry?


Can you please share the secret of being so comfortable in both genres, novel and poetry?

My vision of real life experiences & interactions with people from all walks of life.

First time at Kolkata book fair. How are you feeling as a published author?
No this is the 2nd time.
I am feeling honoured & humbled.

Have you planned anything to go ahead with your books? Are you interested in audiobooks?

Yes I am interested in any way to make my write-ups more available. Audio books definitely, talk of the day.

Tell us about your next or upcoming books.
A collection of letters.
A collection of songs.

Please share how much writing is affecting your daily life either mentally or emotionally.

Writing literature is the way to vent out my mundane joints of my professional existence.