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9789384334710Life of a Rascal by Indranil Majumder

Genre: Fiction, Pages: 262, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 9789384334710

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“Life of A Rascal” is a fictional autobiography of an inventor, named Arjun; an unknown Indian who lived in a period that was rapidly changing but possibly, he may have been born much ahead of his time. The book is chronicled in the form of a journal, giving the details of his birth, the family in which he was born, his childhood full of mirth and laughter, his education, his experiments with science and his own life, his philosophical insight into the meaning of life, his inventions, achievements and failures and his realisation (partial) of the utterly elusive inactive Brahman or Dark Energy (Energy that cannot be perceived and the source of all Energy, that which still exists in this Universe) and the helplessness of Karma over Providence. What may possibly inspire the reader is his undeterred confidence and his will to live to perform his Karma before he fades into the sea of nothingness.