Power Publishers New Release: Abhijatri

9789384334321Abhijatri by Samir Roy

Price: 399 , Genre: Fiction, Pages: 265, Binding: Hardcover, Language: Bengali, ISBN: 978-93-84334-32-1

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Boyhood to maturity is a journey of nothing but spirals of expedition.
How a route completes the cycle facing through rough weather and ends between tiding of sorrow and joy , have been depicted in the novel “Abhijatri“ means voyager, where difficulties and risks are the only medium of pleasurable success.
Man always encounter unpleasentaries to get secured destination, because life is a blend of loss and gain.
In most of the moment, journey loaded with heavy duty became futile exercise and made us heavy hearted.
Today we are facing the challenges how to overcome negativity, obtrusive in our society.
Fatigues besieged with doubts invite hopelessness and have been hitting the air in a moment of aberration, due to attitudinal changes driven by greed.
Is it possible to behave and and act on need ? need makes us adjustable and greed invites anarchy, which already mentioned in epics. Author has attemped to re told them in our ordinary parlance in order to bring a trend of effortiveness in our culture.
This novel dose not contain any gravitas rather sensitize belongingness a seminal work to human kind .