Power Publishers New Release: One Life, Too Many

One_Life_Front_CoverOne Life, Too Many by Julia Dutta

Price: 250.00, Genre: Fiction, Pages:159 , Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 9789384334727

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Karma and rebirth are inseparable partners. When one takes birth, the other follows. When one is released from bondage, the other vanishes. When Seetha is reborn as Savitri, she is unaware of the people, with whom she needs to settle issues with from her last life as Seetha. These people are reborn and become part of her life as Savitri. In a series of dramatic events leading to the finale, she is able to recognise all the people from her past life as Seetha. However, one question still needs to be answered: can she settle scores, or must she be reborn to get even?