Online Delivery

Online Delivery

Ting tong! The door bell rang. Disgusted Mr. Menon opened the door.

An online food delivery boy entered, he was surprised to see him, as Mr. Menon isn’t that tech savvy neither he could order food via online.

Delivery Boy – “Hello Sir! Would you please do a favour and receive the food ordered by your neighbour Mr. Gomes!”

Gomes resided next door to Menon and both being widowers used to live alone. Menon knew that Gomes was out of station for last three days and he was supposed to return that day. But why this kind of favour was asked from him? Menon tried calling his neighbour over phone. But it was switched off.

“Sir, according to his last call he was on his way back home and his mobile’s battery was about to get exhausted.”

Menon received the hefty food pack on Gomes’ behalf. He waited till late night for Mr. Gomes, result being a bit high over lonely drinks. Free treats are always irresistible. Menon opened the well packed food when the chance of Gomes’ return was almost nullified.

A loud bang on the floor! Menon collapsed discovering the decapitated head of Gomes wrapped within the aluminium foils.

by Susovan Kanjilal