Deceased Humanity

Deceased Humanity

In an attempt to get skirted with all comforting needs,

In a desire always to maintain the self-centric position,
In a quest of shaping the world with obsessive materialistic pleasures,
Humanity is smashed… Humanity is dead perhaps..

And those beings who tried to live as human beings previously,
Are striving hard to get rid of the spirit of humanity forever,
By demeaning and demoralizing themselves.
In a hope, perhaps to reach immortality….

The souls that were so eager yesterday, to spread tranquil on earth,
Are so highly engrossed today, in searching for a battle ground.
To fight, to stab, to envy, to slaughter, to ruin the hollow world around,
Filling the streets drenched in blood and homes put on fire.

With eyes full of red anguish, minds full of treachery,

weapons full of ambitious lust and hands full of criminalization.
The hearts which were human hearts are now traces of vindictive souls,
Because humanity is smashed…
….Humanity is killed perhaps…!!

By Aninnya Sarkar