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1971, The Rebel1971, The Rebel by Debadyuti Dasgupta

Price : Rs. 500, Pages: 349, Genre : Non-Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789387852259.

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1971, The Rebel, is a work of fiction. A student of Dhaka University, in the year 1971, enrolls himself in the struggle for liberation against the Fascist Pakistani Army rule in Bangladesh. He encounters action and later, he gets captured by the Pakistani army and is brutally tortured. Separated from his comrades, all he was left was to escape to India. Along with the brutality of war, the novel is packed with honor, glory and brotherhood that turn an academician into a freedom fighter for his motherland! If anyone is looking for a compact package with action, patriotism in par with the history of 1971, this is the book that is needed to be read.