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Destiny's DallianceDestiny’s Dalliance by Neena Thimmaya

Price : Rs. 250, Pages: 148, Genre : Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789384333447.

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Destiny’s Dalliance reflects the situation of the urban Indian woman. The dilemma she faces whilst juxtaposing her innate values and the values of the society today. Samaira, the main protagonist, epitomizes this conflict. It is not that shes perfect, shes flawed in many ways, but one of her endearing qualities is that she tries to do the right thing. Her husband, Raghav, is the quintessential, chauvinistic male, who dominates and subjugates her in the guise of love. Samaira tolerates it all, accepting it as her fate. Shes extremely close to her two sons and she draws strength from this filial bond.But then, destiny has something else in store for Sam. Her first love, Neil, reappears in her life. Hes the complete antithesis of Raghav and its not long before Samaira realizes that she needs to make a very important decision, a decision whose ramifications would irrevocably change their lives.