Power Publishers New Release: Anuradha Bhawan

Anuradha_Bhawan_Front_Cover_v1_22.02Anuradha Bhawan by Ganesh Prasad Lath

Price: 370, Genre: Novel, Pages: 246, Binding: Paperback, Language: Hindi, ISBN: 978-93-85524-48-6

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Anuradha Bhawan is the story of middle class family. The main character loses his father at the age of 11 and happens to struggle his entire life for his own survival and dignity.

The sentiments and thought gaps between mother & son, father & son, two brothers, two friends are the main pillar of the story. The crisis due to generation gap has been indicated her.

Along with flow of story, the author has tried to raise the crisis of morals, dual Standard of the society and the dark parts inside Business Community at present days. The author has attempted to put the the message: life is nothing more than a journey, it should be enjoyed just like a passenger.

Anuradha Bhawan is dedicated to those unsung heroes, who take birth and leave very silently. It’s sure, the reader would find his/her own story while going through it.