Power Publishers New Release: Listen to Heart: The Transformation…

Listen_to_heart_Front_Cover_v1_22.02.2016Listen to Heart: The Transformation… by Anuragam Vatsa

Price: 243, Genre: Self-Help, Pages: 169, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85524-96-7

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In my journey of, ‘Listen to Heart…’ I am trying to understand the ‘Purpose of Life’ and thus explore to find ‘The Other Side of Life’ and follow the path of ‘The Transformation’ to make it ‘A Way of Life’. The Soul energy is the Sole energy. The power of soul enriches the mind and the intellect; provided we live with a Positive Mindset as Heaven & Hell are state of mind and “Your Happiness is Your State…” Be Positive and perform your duty fearlessly with love and Power. Be Honored and live for Reputation by practicing humanity. Humanity is the best religion and practice humanity by giving love, ensuring peace and having self-control. We should be happy and love all so that we can control my Mind, Intellect and Heart and keep the Soul pure in the body which is a Temple as the Lord resides in the Heart