Power Publishers New Release: Stardom at Doorstep

Stardom_at_doorstep_Front_Cover_1Stardom at Doorstep by Parveen Sharma

Price: 200, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 148, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85524-51-6

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Everyone wants to light up that galaxy of fame and be a star amidst the constellation of stars, each twinkling with its own unique talent against dark anonymity. Four friends- three boys and a girl aiming to reach their goal for stardom keep on struggling with auditions to films and TV serials. After a lot of struggle, the girl gets a breakthrough and is casted as the heroine in a small budget film. However, the Producer- Director is not happy at the output and decides not to release the film. The four friends work out a unique strategy towards the publicity of this film so that the producer-director has no other option but release this film. What was their unique Strategy for publicity? Did they find stardom ultimately kissing their feet? To know more about this, read Stardom at Doorstep, a beautiful social novel by Praveen Sharma, which presents innumerable twists and turns with tension being built up all throughout the plot using lively dialogues between characters painted vividly. It covers interesting knowledge on astrology and spirituality as well, woven amidst the aspiration of four ambitious young adults seeking success in life.