Power Publishers New Release: Broken Jars, A Fistful of Dreams

Broken-Jars-_Front_CoverBroken Jars, A Fistful of Dreams by Amal Charles, Dolly Koshy, Merina Diana Morris, Pinaki Ghosh, Shelley Das

Price: ₹ 480.00, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 280, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85524-73-8

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“Seven Broken Souls. Seven Seemingly Perfect Lives. One Chance to Set it Right.”

Dr. Meghna Goel is a renowned Psychiatrist with an unblemished track record of helping the troubled get back on their feet. Up until now. This year she is about to face her biggest challenge in the form of seven individuals on the brink of self-destruction or worse.

Razia, a single mother hides a traumatic past.
Ahmed is in prison for a heinous crime he has no regrets about.
Jivan is burdened under the weight of the dual life he is forced to live.
Satyananda, a self-styled Godman believes in justice, swift and cruel.
Deepika seeks solace in drugs and sex.
Shubham harbours thoughts of revenge and resentment towards a part of society he believes shouldn’t exist.
Sulochana withers away in silence carrying within her a terrible secret.

‘Broken Jars, a Fistful of Dreams’ is a coming together of five authors who weave parallel tales of love, betrayal, injustice and revenge. Issues that plague society are showcased with their inimitable style.

The book also takes you on a journey around the metropolitan city Bangalore where the characters currently live and eight places in India where they were born and brought up.

Note: Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea and an open mind.