Power Publishers New Release: Musings On Religion, Divinity & Ethics

Musing_1Musings On Religion, Divinity & Ethics by K.P.K.Palat

Price: ₹ 299.00, Genre: Self Help, Pages: 224, binding: paperback, ISBN No.-978-93-81206-01-0

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I never thought that I would write a book. But then, something in me started prodding towards the fag end of my office-life that I should try my hand at some topic after my heart. The result is the Musings.

Although the central theme of the book is religious philosophy, the book has come into shape through a process of combination of different strands from five branches of knowledge: history, philosophy, literature, law and science. The intertwining has been done with a view to cutting a seemingly different path to reach the crux of theistic philosophy.

I shall consider my efforts amply rewarded if the readers find the book interesting and informative. Above all, the book will have served its purpose if the divine heritage, which the whole of mankind is heir to, is understood in its proper perspective.