Power Publishers New Release: The Dubious Relationship

dubious_Front-cover_v1The Dubious Relationship by Sinjini Sinha & Dipsikha Ray

Price: 200.00, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 130, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN:978-93-85892-00-4

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‘Once upon a time…’ just like most ones this tale also begins with the same phrase. Then comes Snehanka, the daughter of well-to- do parents. Just like most other teenagers she has a boyfriend named Aditya. But one night they commit the grave mistake of immaturity and Snehanka gets to carry Aditya’s baby. And then, Aditya disappears…the subsequent events revolve around the search for him and his true identity. Snehanka is assisted in her search by her best friend, Deyashi. Let us all be with Snehanka and support her in her intense struggle in life in trying to get back her true love… life… and her world. Do read on to find out whether the tale ends with ‘… and lived happily ever after’.