Power Publishers New Release: I am THAT CHANGE

I-Am-That-Change_Front-Cover_v1I am THAT CHANGE by Mandeep Singh

Price: 140.00, Genre: Politics & Current Affairs, Pages: 82, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN:978-93-84334-33-8

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We have spent n number of years of our life either in criticising whatever wrong is happening around us or just in waiting for things to go well with time. We all have been surrounded by the word “Change” in one way or the other. We simply shut the doors of freedom whenever a girl wants to open up her wings even when something else needs to be CHANGED; We give so much hype to a communal fight which could have been sorted out with a MERE TALK OF LOVE; We feel so much helpless once a child’s youth goes in dark even when we could have shown him THE PATH OF LIGHT; We never stop blaming that one hand accepting the bribe even when we ourselves are the OTHER HAND.
“I am THAT change” is just a small attempt in making ourselves think how CHANGE can be brought up if we think about issues like Violence against Women, Religion Disturbances, Youth in Dark and of course Corruption before we urge anyone else to bring that CHANGE. Once you finish reading this book, you will realise that it’s not just the SYSTEM that needs to be CHANGED, but only the person standing in front of the mirror who can bring in the CHANGE that we have always been admiring to happen for so many years.