Envision life by Tushar K Kole

Price :399, Genre: Self -help, Page: 249, Binding :Paperback, Language : English, ISBN :978-93-84334-76-5

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The book emphasizes pragmatic solutions to path blockers like uncertainties, false belief, irrationality, judgmental biases blocking our day to day life by suggesting to change the way we look, It starts with the basic concept of visualization maneuvering through the pathways inside the natural phenomena and its species’ survival battle and their animosities, positive and negative reactions towards outside world. It shows many ways to improve our ethical and value system by imposing optimal rationality and through probabilistic approach.
It revisits the classical question “whether natural events including creation of universe is deterministic or purely happened by chance” discussed about determinism which is reminiscent of probability of happening things in future ascertained on the basis of frequency of events occurred in the past and its usage to social science, so as to know whether our world truly deterministic or purely random in nature.