The Rising by Banu Bidharkund

Price : 140, Genre :Fiction, Page : 84, Binding: Paperback, Language : English, ISBN : 978-93-85892-35-6

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This is a story about a young girl living in a concrete jungle; where propounding pace of life affects her. Love and relationships are not only significant for survival of social animals; but have a great impetus in its essence for healthy and prospering community living. Through sheer negligence; and sometimes with a selfish motive, the spring of life sprouting with hope and youthful energy is dried up in sorrows of tears. Just when a seedling of bright futuristic plant is climbing its growth into tree of eternal life; life-filled opportunities could be crushed in its bud, much before its realization.
It has a string of short stories embedded in it; whereupon the beads of life flow their natural course and unravel six tales – tales of people in the life of the protagonist. After an accident, they enforce consideration and evaluation of all kinds of relationships existing in her life and the importance of life itself.