Power Publishers new release : The Family

The Family by Shyamal Roy

Price: Rs 199, Pages: 99, Genre: Fiction, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-86526-77-9, Binding : Paperback

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This is the first novel by the author. The little over the 30,000-word novel in English is based on the goings-on and the daily life of a real joint family in north Calcutta during the WW II and on the eve of the independence. It is a novel of the new genre. The reader is taken through the alleys, lane, and by-lanes of a joint family. It could have been any other family of the times. Most of the characters were real as also many of the incidents, although the author took the liberty to add a little color or twist it in some cases for the novel to take an interesting turn. The author took out some of the characters out of their real life, molded them according to his imagination and fancy and inserted them into the novel. So, the novel is a fiction. The author also created a few fresh characters to take the novel to a more exciting level with magical realism so as to captivate the readers’ interest till the end.