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978-93-85524-19-6_mainHappy Go Healthy by Vishal Dev

Price: 225, Genre: Self-help, Pages: 122, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85524-19-6

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Everybody loves to be healthy. People make conscious and deliberate efforts to be healthy, in fact wellness industry is the most growing and promising industry. People are spending thousands or millions of money to stay fit. Doctors, dietitians, treatments, gyms, and those fitness classes you pay for and if a person falls sick or may come close to dying point then again it’s the same story – “spend money”. An average person spends approx 5 to 7 lac rupees or may be more in his life time on medicines, treatment or anything that is related to treatment. So my point is if you save that money you will be a crorepati (millionaire) when you die. How? It’s simple, keep that 7 lac rupees in a bank account when you are born, the fix deposit for that money may amount to millions. Good thing is you can die a millionaire.
“Wow what an idea please clap for me,” but it’s just a calculation. Let me be realistic and come to the point before you keep this book aside and regret why you purchased it. First let me tell you that I am a decent writer and your decision to buy this book is absolutely right
because after reading this book you are going to earn thousands if not millions. So where is that money by the way Mr. Me? It’s here, it’s in your pockets, your wallet, and It’s actually in your body  my friends. You are not born to be sick, not even a simple cough or cold can catch you. Diseases like cancers, Tb, Cardiac faults, blah blah blah etc is not meant to be in your dictionary, and they don’t exist for you. These hospitals and pharmaceutical companies they don’t build cures they build customers and they are eyeing you every second, every moment in a hope that you may turn as their customers. You don’t have to avoid them or make them fools and raise your fist and tell them –“I don’t need you I am healthy enough” . Why? Because you are born to live a healthy life, it’s your right.