Power Publishers New Release: Retail Salesmanship-A Practical Guide to Modern Methods of Salesmanship in Retail

978-93-85524-28-8_mainRetail Salesmanship-A Practical Guide to Modern Methods of Salesmanship in Retail by DR (COL.) SAMEER MISRA

Price: 440, Genre: Guidebook, Pages: 291, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85524-28-8

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Retail salesmanship is intended as a textbook for classes in salesmanship or for learning retail salesmanship as private study. It is a training guide book for retailers.
Training is particularly important in retailing because more than 70 percent of retail employees have direct contact with customers. They are responsible for helping customers satisfy their needs and resolve their problems. The retail management has to put maximum emphasis on retail salesman training as they are on show window, due to lack of training a salesman can cause big damage to the store business in terms of unsatisfied customers and lost sales, rather than contributing to the profit. The content of this book help training of salesman in understanding salesmanship, the art of retail salesmanship and beyond the basic of doing the job of retail salesman.
I have gone more deeply into the problems of retail trading, because I have found that the majority of unsuccessful salesman fail through ignorance of the principles of merchandising, failure to appreciate the relationship of customers, retailer, and consequent lack of interest in their work due to improper training and knowledge on the subject.