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Leaves of Green ChilliesLeaves of Green Chillies by H. L Agnihotri

Price : Rs. 380, Pages : 243, Genre : Poems, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789387852020.

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‘Leaves of Green Chillies’

This is a modified and well – revised version of many already sung themes with some new additions to them. It’s a blend of different flavours of life. With human life as its deep roots, the anthology may be called a sort of tree with many tangled branches of worldly experiences bearing fruits, both bitter and sweet. The readers will find them in various self-exploring situations in the light of generalised facts of life in different colours related to their day-to-day experiences. The poems in this compendium are the mere play of thoughts and emotions, hopes and fears, joys and sorrows,heart’s sores and soothing balms, and are sure to strike the chord with sagacious minds of the readers on that account. The language is simple and the thoughts behind are common strings of life. I hope that the readers will like the book making it a joyful moment of their lives.