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Love the awakened SoulLove the awakened Soul by Dilip Dash

Price : Rs. 235, Pages : 97, Genre : Poems, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789387852112.

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This book ‘Love’ – The Awakened ‘Soul’ is a composition of poems from my subconscious mind those are the personification of the Almighty God the ‘Soul’. These few words I pen down by listing the murmur of the invisible spirit who was telling – may your present be blissful with the sweet fragrance of the flowers.
May your future be enlighted with the taste of Love and make the universe sublime. When I looked deep into these words those touched my subconscious mind and told me these are your longing for the supreme Love.
These poems are not just few words, not the cry for the yester years, neither my speechless emotions. These are the walk through towards the pilgrimage.
These poems are explanation of my supreme Love in silence, sobriety and solace. Love can’t be mystified by death. This book summarises that Love is the immortality of life, all else are futile. Without Love all knowledge remain obtuse.