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Reengagement of Transgender PersonsReengagement of Transgender Persons by Satish Chandra

Price : Rs. 350, Pages : 229, Genre : Research Journal / Non – Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789387852068.

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Addressing the status of transgender persons’ education, psycho-social state, issues, problems
and challenges is about change in attitudes of different groups of society. As a citizen their
participation has importance for inclusive development of the society as well as nation and
restructuring cultural and social systems, policies and practices will give them a righteous life as
a human being. The aim is to increase the participation of transgender persons/children in
education, social, cultural, religious, political activities and many other spheres of life, thus
providing an inclusion of such community for better inclusive society.
Present book being an edited collection of papers prepared and written by academicians of
Teacher Education, Psychiatry, Sociology and Psychology fields discusses topics which include
among others:
mainstreaming transgender through inclusive open and distance learning
education of Transgender People in India
importance of teacher training programs for the LGBT students
role of teachers, family and media on gender inequality
the role of social media to support transgender in higher education
challenges in teacher training on gender diversity and inclusion
role of teacher in gender inclusive classrooms
psychosocial and environmental problems among MSM population in India
hijras and toranzus: comparative study of transgendrs in India and Japan