Power Publishers New Release : Mackenzie goes Adventuring

Mackenzie goes Adventuring by J.L. Baumann

Price: Rs 2500,Pages :96 , Genre : Children’s book, ISBN : 978-93-86526-97-7,Language : English, Paperback.

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”Snookton was a happy town,full of Snookies snooking all around. There were Snookie shops full of Snookie  toys for all the Snookie girls and boys”. But was this enough for Mackenzie who one day decided that after being let out of school she would not take her usual path home ? After convincing another friend to adventure with her through the enchanted woods they soon find out why the teacher has told them ” to stay on the right path”. From the dangers of the snarfling snarfle to the delights of the Snookberry jelly roll at the Snookie Exchange,they encounter a whole new world out there,but even after having met a whole new set of friends and learned the value of paying attention, they still had to find their way home.