Power Publishers New Release: Nirupama’s 101 Receipes

Nirupama's_101_recepies_Front_Cover_v1_21.03.2016Nirupama’s 101 Receipes by Nirupama Chanda

Price: 275.00, Genre: Non-fiction, Pages: 183, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85892-43-1

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After repeated efforts and couple of experiments, I came up with 101 new receipes which can be support for all homemakers and also those who love cooking.
This is a book consists of mixed Indian receipes of different dishes. The receipes contain veg to non veg items, also cookies, cakes etc.This cook book provides a wealth of receipes for any occasion. All the receipes are versatile, easy to cook and almost fullproof to cook.All the receipes use fresh ingredients with emphasis on flavour and visual appeal.They are practical, easy to follow, accompanied by step by step instructions.
This book is gentle presentation of my passion. Hoping to bring many receipes soon.