Power Publishers New Release: Politics of Dissent: A Genealogical Transaction

politics-of-dissent_front_cover_1Politics of Dissent: A Genealogical Transaction

EDITED & COMPILED BY: abhik bhattacharya & manali saha

Price: 399.00, Genre: Research Journal, Pages: 215, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85892-58-5

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The anthology has tried to identify ‘dissent’ and its genealogy of construction, in different category of power infliction that instils discipline and the machines of surveillance for ensuring its unbridled and unqustioned operation on the subjects. The book considers ‘dissent’ as any action or choice which, in one way or other, in some determinate and specific space and time, has been socially, culturally or legally delegitimized and stigmatized and has either been forced to accept the discipline of the time or has been subjected to elimination and exclusion through the socio-cultural rituals, from the mainstream narrations of the society. The papers here have mostly taken the path to identify the transforming power-relations and located the ‘space of dissent’ amidst perennial ‘dissentophobia’, it has been bearing for long.