Power Publishers New Release: Strange Love

strange-love-front-cover_1Strange Love by Fatima Jawaid

Price: 126, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 118, Language: English, Binding: Paperback, ISBN: 978-93-85524-47-9

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‘Strange love’, the name itself suggests that it’s a love story. Yeah it’s a love story but love story of a family, friends, and a boyfriend. Lisa, the main character is born in a mysterious way and has mysterious power of dreaming the reality. She is a wonderful girl. When she grows up many awkward things take place in her life and her life does not remain normal at all. She has a best friend who ditched her many times. After some time Lisa’s mother dies and Lisa leaves for further studies and falls in love. She marries him and then her life fills with happiness. As time passes she lost some of her family members and always remains sick. At the end she neither lives nor does she die with a desire of knowing the secrets of her own life.