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The Equations of DestinyThe Equations of Destiny by Mayur Agrawal

Price : Rs. 290, Pages : 204, Genre : Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789384334697.

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When one listens the word “Destiny”, first thing that comes in mind is ‘future’, ‘luck’, ‘fate’, ‘opportunity’ etc. But, destiny is not as simple as that, but it is most complex, multi-dimensional and inter-dependent. It never works in isolation for each individual. The one thing is sure about ‘Destiny’ that it doesn’t take away more than you deserve and doesn’t give less than you require. That too at appropriate time. A phrase that little describe ‘Destiny’ is “One’s Pain Someone Else’s Gain”

In audition, Samar come across casting director Mr. Kaushik who asked him sexual favour in exchange of selection. Upon Samar’s refusal, Mr. Kaushik warned that he won’t allow Samar to enter the industry using his influence and vast network. And, Mr. Kaushik does so. Heart-broken Samar requests Almighty to send an Angel who can save him from Devil Kaushik. But, Samar don’t know that an Angel has already came in his life few years before.

Let’s find out who is this ‘Angel’ and how he saves Samar from ‘Devil’ Kaushik.