Who Cares…

Who cares…

It’s raining blood the other side of the door but who cares

People screaming, weeping, howling but who cares
I am civilized, law abiding, nationalistic so, who cares.

Rape, killing, lynching, riot, part of the society; so as caste, creed, clan and religion
I am safe because I am aloof, don’t care when somebody dies from hunger, flood, suspicion.
I, me, myself is self-centric and self-obsessed
My neighbor was attacked last night, I kept my doors closed, felt relieved
I am alive, my family is not harmed, satisfied.

Sudden knock on the door, vehemently
Somebody trying to break the door, forcibly
I cried for help, ‘save me, my family’
No one dares, no one cares
because no one is there.

By Rajarshi Maitra