Why Pain?

Why Pain?

Why me? Is that the first reaction that you have on experiencing pain?
Let me tell you a micro story and then we can conclude.

A certain Devta (An alien who was spiritually and technically 5 million years ahead of us) was tired of the riches and stagnation of pleasures on his planet (Aka Devloka!). He searched for a planet that could speed up his spiritual growth and evolution. He found a blue planet, our Earth in the year 5006 B.C.
He was surprised to see a few brown skinned humans in deep meditation. He communicated with them mentally and requested them to help.

“I am Pintozahuan, king of Daytopa planet. I wish to evolve into the finer realms of existence. Sadly, my evolution has stopped despite my best efforts. Do you know why?”

The brown skinned saints opened their eyes and talked telepathically “Welcome to the blessed planet, Earth. The only good thing that this planet offers is pain. But worry not, this thing called pain will propel you to truth in no time. Sensation of pain is the only cure for stagnation of evolution”

The alien took birth as a human being and started living on this planet. He lost his mother when he was born. His father died of a snake bite. He roamed the streets as a lunatic and begged for food. He developed skin diseases and became weak.

One day when he went to a temple to collect Bhoga (free food) he saw the same brown skinned saints who communicated with him on his initial arrival. They recognized him instantly and took him to their Ashram (Spiritual retreat). His diseases were healed and he was initiated into the world of meditation and deep concentration.
One day Pintozahuan was sitting with the saints.

“So what did you learn?” Asked the brown skinned saints.

“It is a strange sensation! But my mind has become sharper and ready to enter the infinite state” Exclaimed Pintozahuan.

“So you have learnt the secret of this Planet?”
“Yes I do, now please help me reach my cosmic home!”

Pintozahuan meditated intensely for years. His mind was stronger than ever. Pain had made him resistant to all stagnating thoughts. He entered the cosmic world with ease and joined several earthly saints!
So friends, remember, this planet is a learning stage. Use your pain to evolve. Do not complain, utilize the gift called pain !

The creator is testing you!

By Saket Chattopadhyay