Woh Con Thi, the Upcoming Feature Film Digs into the Shady World of Ponzi & MLM Scams in India

Woh Con Thi?

Hyderabad: 27 June 2024: Hari, an ambitious young man, living a peaceful life with his wife Lalitha, quits his corporate slavery job and starts advising people about investments. He does not realize if his new friend, Kethaki, advising him about unbelievably high returns on investments is a blessing in his life or a curse. SI Vijay Rathod, investigating a 3-year-old financial scam case stumbles upon Hari and Kethaki. What does he find out? Why does Hari’s picture-perfect world change? This is how the story proceeds for the new feature film Who Con Thi? Starting like a love story, Who Con Thi? quickly changes genre to a slow-burn thriller, digging in depth into the shady and less-known world of Ponzi and multi-level marketing scams that have ruined millions of working-class people in India.

The story and concept of Woh Con Thi? is by Latha Rao, who has studied Ponzi and MLM scams for over 5 years, before coming up with the story of Woh Con Thi? Speaking to this correspondent, Latha says, “The film tries to show how the Ponzi and MLM scams operate and how they affect the lives of different people who are associated in some way, as investors, direct distributors, uplines, downlines, or family members. This subject has not been explored in films or web series in India, before.”

The screenplay of Woh Con Thi? is jointly written by the screenwriter duo Pinaki Ghosh and Deya Chakraborty. Pinaki Ghosh is a veteran screenwriter of over 100 films and television shows and has produced films. Screenwriter Deya Chakraborty said, “This is a research-based project and we had to study the procedure of how MLM and Ponzi companies lure millions of poor and working-class people into a bubble of hope and dreams; how they provide the initial money to win their trust, where does this money go and how an

MLM or Ponzi company finally collapses; what happens to different people after this massive collapse.”

The thriller-like approach, where there is a protagonist, who is the victim of a scam, a scam artist, and a cop who is trying to dig out the secrets, is going to make Woh Con Thi? worth a watch.