Why Should You Consider Getting Your Biography Written?

What is the difference between a biography and an autobiography?

Biography writers for hireBiography is one of the toughest books to write and can get overwhelming when you try to capture the journey of your entire life. A book about a life’s journey, struggles, and achievements written by a biographer is called a biography, while one written by the person whose journey it is, is called an autobiography. A biography is written in 3rd person, while an autobiography is written in first person. The myth is that a biography or autobiography is written for celebrities. The truth is that a biography or autobiography can be and should be written for anyone whose journey from rags to riches or from struggles to achievements can inspire new generations. You can Hire a biography writer or a ghostwriter biographer to get a biography or autobiography written.

You will be forgotten swiftly once you are dead; what to do about it?

Once we die, we are forgotten at an unbelievably fast speed. Our children will go back to their lives in 2 weeks, our spouse will start watching TV in 4 weeks, and people who are in the outer circle will stop thinking about us in a matter of days. All the work we have done in 35 years, all the memories related to the growing up years prior to that will be completely wiped out. All our work and photos stored in Google Drive and hard disk drives will be wiped out when we are gone. Some ways to keep our name in this world after we are gone are:

  1. Working so well that we are nationally and internationally known. We still remember the names of William Shakespeare and writers, poets, and playwrights who lived hundreds of years ago, by their works. We remember some filmmakers, actors, and singers by their works. We remember some politicians, sportsmen, and scientists by their works. So one way to keep our name in this world after we are gone is to do something that big.
  2. Build establishments that carry your name, that will remain decades after you are dead. Schools, hospitals, colleges, roads, railway stations, and airports that are named after people help generations after them to remember their names. You can build such establishments to keep your name alive.
  3. You can get a biography written or write one on your own, so your journey is documented and not lost, for generations to come.

Seven reasons you should you get your, or your parents’ biography written

  1. Documenting the achievements of a life and its journey:
    A biography book documents all the milestone and small events of a life, so they are not lost or forgotten. It records events of a life’s journey, along with photos, so the achievements and milestones of a life are not lost.
  2. Motivation for employees & outsiders; story of failures, roadblocks to success:
    A biography can motivate masses; starting from a circle that knows you, like the employees of your organization or your younger family members to people who do not know you at all. Your story of rags to riches, your story of struggle to success can give courage to others that if you have been able to, they can too.
  3. Transferring knowledge & life’s lessons learned through experience:

A life is full of experiences we gather. These experiences are our life’s lessons. We learn good lessons and bad lessons from our journey and want to share our life’s lessons with others. You can hire a biography writer to write your biography, to share your life’s lessons, so the readers can have a better life.

  1. For the next/future generation in the family to know an ancestor:
    Your future generations like grandchildren and great-grandchildren may not know about your achievements. They may know you as the good old grandfather or the photo on the wall. It is your biography that can generate their curiosity to know about you; their ancestor and be inspired.
  2. Writing your parent’s journey is a tribute to your parent:
    Getting your father, mother, elder family member or grandparent’s biography written while they are alive or after their demise can be a perfect way to offer them a tribute and your respect.
  3. Tell your version of the story when the world knows a different version:
    Things go wrong in life and we run into bad things. Litigations, legal issues sometime stain our lives that create roadblock in the rest of our journey. Sometimes the incidents are reported wrongly and you need to tell your version of the story, so the world knows the truth. A biography written by a biographer for hire can help you place your facts before the world.
  4. To be a published author:
    Publishing your biography or memoir combining your original life hacks, topics and tricks for survival can make you stand out as a published author, which can give you professional advantage if you are a life coach or trainer.

Who should get a biography written?

Almost anyone who has achieved anything in life at any level can consider getting their biography written. Your achievements need not be on a national level, but if your journey and struggles can inspire even a single soul, you can go ahead and get your biography written. Anyone from a corporate background, business owner, sports personality, political personality, scientist, teacher, media personality, news personality, artist – singer, actor, filmmaker, dancer, painter, theatre personality, can consider getting your life’s journey documented as a biography book.

What is the procedure of writing a biography?

  1. Locate a professional biography writer for hire. Use Google.
  2. Talk to him/her, discuss your book. See his/her profile and work samples.
  3. A 50,000 word, or 200 page biography can cost you around INR 100,000, payable in 2 to 3 instalments at different stages. Interview costs and travel cost of the biographer if that is part of the plan, will be additional.
  4. Sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement), covering terms like rate, estimate, timelines, non disclosure term, rights belonging to you.
  5. There may be several interviews, via phone, video meetings, or face to face meetings. In the first casual meeting, try to cover your entire life in brief, so the biographer can list the milestones of your life as chapters. In subsequent interviews you can elaborate details about each chapter of your life. You can aso share inputs in the form of audio recordings by you. You can also share photos, related to your story.
  6. You should be receiving updated versions of the book from your biographer. You can suggest changes and corrections.
  7. You have to make intermediate payments as the work progresses.
  8. If your Indian biography writer or memoir writer for hire is offering a publishing solution, you can go for it, because the final step is to get your book published. If he/she is not offering a publishing solution, you can locate a self-publisher or traditional publisher who is interested to publish your book.

Who can help write your biography and at what cost?

You can Google and search for affordable biography writers, who can be individuals or writing agencies that offer biographer for hire as a service. Indian biography writers like Pinaki Ghosh or agencies like Power Publishers have been offering this service for over a decade and can be considered. Cost may range from Rs 100,000 for 200 pages to Rs 150,000 for 300 pages.