How to Find a Script Writer in Kolkata

Bengali script writer

Have you ever fantasized about writing a Bollywood movie? Or television series? In the visual age, writing a screenplay is a way to create ‘’literature of future’’.The hardest part of making a movie is not the story. It is about getting someone who would turn your idea and story into life. Here are the five ways to find a Bengali script writer in Kolkata :

  1. Look for the best script writer’s experience and history. Go for a script writer with an impressive list of written films. Before finalizing one, you must check their experiences and their history. If he is good, his work would reflect.
  2. Go for a Bengali script writer who is listed in IMDb, with at least one listed film in IMDb. This marks as an important point. If the writer is associated with brands it would surely get him more audiences. His work would automatically speak if he has worked with A- listers.

3.In most of the cases, the agents and managers go for the high cost screenplay service. But high cost does not mean high quality. You must check if the writer’s fee is reasonable. Reasonable means not too high, nor too low. A reasonable fee for an IMDb listed film script writers in Kolkata would be starting from Rs 1 lakh.

4. Ask for several samples from the writer. Read his/her work samples. See if he writes in international format. If you are going for the best script writer. Make sure that you have an idea of how a screenplay is written. There is a format that is being used by the top script writers. The usage of scenes, parenthesis and character descriptions should be written in a specific way so that it appeals to the audiences.

5. See if the writer has worked with top media brands. This again would say much about the writers. A good screenplay writer would work with A-listers. His experience in this field would be more.

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