How to make a self published book commercially successful in India

Money Falling on Happy BusinessmanIf you are reading this article, that means you have already authored your creation and probably searching the best publishing companies in India to get it published. And you are also concerned about being commercially successful as an author. Now that’s the tricky part. Being a debut author and longing for commercial success doesn’t come in quite handy. Here comes the selling and marketing part.
A good publisher, along with English book publisher should also be a Hindi Book Publisher including other languages.
So, for choosing best publishing companies in India, you must check a couple of things such as:-
•Along with English books whether they are also Hindi Book Publisher?
•What kind of marketing support do they provide?
•If they have any option for e-marketing such as propaganda in popular social networking site such as facebook, twitter etc.
•You also need to check if they provide a website for your book.
•Other than a physical book, if they also provide you an option of a Kindle version (as most of us are quite used to tabs and e-book readers).
•Some publishing companies even help increase selling of your book through different online stores other than their own store such as ebay, Flipkart, Amazon, Crossword and so on.
•For more publicity, check if the publisher can arrange a book launch programme (not always veteran authors get to launch their books in a gala event… you can do the same as well).
•Video book trailers are the latest addition in the publishing industry. It’s more or less like a movie trailer about 1-2 mins that carries the theme and subject of your book. You can check if your publisher can offer you the same.
Not a lot many publishers can impart all kind of publicity services needed to make you a commercially successful author, Power Publishers ( offers the largest range of promotion and distribution services in India. Here you will get all the publicity help you desire to become the next Amish Tripathi, the rest is on your writing skills.