Power Publishers new release : Dusra Janam

Dusra Janam by Vivek Kumar Chauhan

Price: Rs 199,Pages : 106, Genre : Romance, Binding : Paperback, Language : Hindi, ISBN : 978-93-86526-72-4

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Dusra Janam by Kunwar Vijay Chauhan is a deeply compassionate novel, consoling the readers the way how two souls can just reconnect with each other while facing a lot of hurdles in their way.
This book is a heart rendering tale of love that takes place through rebirths. This book is written in Hindi and is a debut attempt by the author.
This is not a novel which haunts us and questions us about the unfinished answers, uncertain futures and gives us unsatisfactory explanations instead, one is content to leave them where they leave us, carrying forward a brief time we have spent with them.
It’s a must-read book and would surely seek the attention of the readers the most. Grab this book at Rs 199.