Power Publishers New Release: Millennium Memories

Front_Cover_Millenium_MemoriesMillennium Memories by Arindam Basu

Genre: Memoir, Binding: Hardbound, Pages: 191, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-84334-74-1

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At the heart of life lies relationships. Relationships we have with family, co-workers and friends close by and far away. And how these relationships grow within us have a huge impact on our lives. But these relations often cross boundaries and then we call them ‘attachments’.

Being attached to that pencil box with a hidden deck that had your most prized pencil, that old pair of jeans where you stencilled AC-DC with a black ball-point pen, the room on the terrace where you scribbled the name of your first girlfriend with a heart sign around it, the corner seat of the tea stall on thenukkad that gave you the best view of the lane behind you and the road ahead or that newspaper cartoon you thought you could not live without.
This book is about these relations. It’s a book about memories we made out of them. It’s also a book about loss. How the old fuzzy things of our past slowly melts away like a fog in twilight. It’s a book about the city you knew as you grew up. The people, places and things that made you even without you realizing it. It’s a book about a time when little things brought enormous joy, those old happy tunes, those black and white images, those lazy laid-back days and those eyes that still had wonder left in them.

Take a ride of the city you knew and loved and grew with in Millennium Memories.