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New Releases

  • Chewing Between Meals
    ₹ 70.00
  • Broken Jars, A Fistful of Dreams
    ₹ 480.00
    ₹ 440.00
  • Position of Women  in Kora Society  India
    ₹ 130.00
  • A Concise Book on Yoga
    ₹ 295.00
  • Eclipsed Empress
    ₹ 100.00
  • 2 Hearts 20000 Miles
    ₹ 270.00
  • Pauses That Survived
    ₹ 280.00
  • Flight of the  Phoenix
    ₹ 550.00
  • Meraaj
    ₹ 135.00
  • Ovidhan Hoite Sabdhan
    ₹ 265.00
  • Ovidhan Hoite Sabdhan (eBook)
    ₹ 265.00
  • To My Fallen Angel
    ₹ 150.00
  • To My Fallen Angel (eBook)
    ₹ 150.00
  • I'm Yours... Forever...
    ₹ 260.00
  • I'm Yours... Forever... (eBook)
    ₹ 260.00
  • Credit Card Business In India
    ₹ 220.00
  • Credit Card Business In India (eBook)
    ₹ 220.00
  • Wandering Words
    ₹ 90.00
  • Wandering Words (eBook)
    ₹ 90.00
  • Knowing Wines 2nd Edition
    ₹ 190.00
  • Knowing Wines 2nd Edition (eBook)
    ₹ 190.00
  • Glimpse of the Truth
    ₹ 180.00
  • Glimpse of the Truth (eBook)
    ₹ 180.00
  • Achena Mukher Chena Chobi
    ₹ 126.00
  • Achena Mukher Chena Chobi (eBook)
    ₹ 126.00
  • Parashakti
    ₹ 295.00
  • Parashakti (eBook)
    ₹ 295.00
  • Manzar  poetic view of feelings
    ₹ 220.00
  • Manzar  poetic view of feelings (eBook)
    ₹ 220.00
  • 50  Arteries
    ₹ 105.00
  • Make your  First  Impression count
    ₹ 90.00
  • Make your  First  Impression count (eBook)
    ₹ 90.00
  • Stilbenoids
    ₹ 180.00
  • Stilbenoids (eBook)
    ₹ 180.00
  • Spectral Study On Stilbenoids
    ₹ 150.00
  • Spectral Study On Stilbenoids (eBook)
    ₹ 150.00
  • Journey to the Celestial City
    ₹ 200.00
  • Journey to the Celestial City (eBook)
    ₹ 200.00
    ₹ 475.00

What Our Authors Say

Chetan Bhagat inaugurating LIFE serves LOVE, by Vinita Bali

Vinita Bali, author of LIFE serves LOVE: THE FULLEST FORM OF LIVING…

Thanx a lot.... I have just recived the courier... and I can't tell u how i feel holding my dream in my hand...... all thanx to you guys....

Anand Thakur, author of The Grip of Wife's Fist

Thanks.  The book has come out stupendously well.  Everybody who saw the book was immediately taken to it and liked it immensely. The overall get-up of the book is fantastic.  There is appreciation from everywhere.  My son compared it to a Chetan Bhagat book.  I am grateful to you, Mr. Pinaki, Mr. Biswa, Ms. Joyita and other members of your team.  You all have done a wonderful job.  I am sure my association with you will bear fantastic fruit in future and I sincerely hope the book will be a bestseller.  I pray soon we will be working together on some other book of mine as well.  I am very very satisfied.

Atul Kumar, author of Rogues, Rascals and Eunachs

This is to convey my sincere thanks for bringing out my book 'rogues rascals and Eunuchs' and bringing it out so well. Power Publishers means power to sincere writers whose meritorious works otherwise won't have seen light of the day through traditional publishing. I find the quality of publications brought out comparable to any big publishing house. My congratulations to you for providing best value for money in the industry to the aspiring writers Thanks once again and all the best to all associated with this noble cause.

Arun Singh J, author of Skulligo and the search for Skus

I received my complimentary copies. I am happy with your efforts and service. Overall I am Happy with power publishers !!! Thank you Everyone!!

Dr Jeetendra Guhilot, author of 10 CC

Received package thanks. It’s looking too good.

Prof.Jayashankara Menon author of Transcendental Deep Ecology

Fine Pinaki & Co. Thanks a lot!

Mitesh m Jain, author of 4 P's And Pyaarrr

Thanks to 'power publishers' team for working whole heartedly toward the creation of my work into novel, it wouldn't be possible without your all contribution.

Yaagneshwaran G, author of The Group of Fools

Pinaki and team, Thank you guys, I have received the courier. The business card, the book and the poster- all look great. Cheers!!! On the whole, its been a very friendly experience working with you guys so far.

Rekha Rao, author of Vajrayana Buddhism in Khajuraho Sculptures

Dear Mr. Pinaki ghosh, Joyita ji and Mr Biswa.I recieved the books.It has come out well. Thanks a lot.

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