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We at Power Publishers are the proud contributors to the self-publishing scenario that took the publishing industry in India by storm a few years back. Today, we have as many as 1600 published titles under us spear-headed by young authors who have found a platform and a loyal reader-base with the brand.

Power Publishers took off as a self-publishing organization in January 2008 with a small team of core members headed by our founder Pinaki Ghosh, who was a published author of several best-selling titles by then. The idea of self-publishing was still nascent in the Indian topography and took some time to gain momentum. With more and more budding authors having new and important things to say and only a handful of publishing organizations to facilitate them, most manuscripts started falling in a 2-year queue, waiting indefinitely only to be rejected by the traditional publishing giants. Power Publishers started filling this gap in the industry by providing a medium for potential authors and the varied subjects that they wanted to write about. We struck gold with our initiative and soon we were publishing everything from paperback copies, to ebooks to audiobooks. Our services and departments multiplied and soon we started offering several other on-demand services like ghostwriting, screenplay writing, biography writing, comic book art and even song-writing services with the help of the industry’s top writers and artists who have been associated with us every since. Soon, Power Publishers developed its Knowledge Process Outsourcing wing that reached out beyond the borders of the country and collaborated with media giants like BBC, National Geographic, Cartoon Network and several others over many challenging projects. By 2011 we had set a benchmark for self-publishing in India by publishing over 150 books, several of them been bestsellers. 2013 recorded the highest number of books published by us with a total of 283 new titles and in 2015, Power Publishers started its range of educational books and became the official publisher of the Bengali texts ‘Sonkolita’ and ‘Probondho O Godyo Sonkolon’ for the ICSE and ISC Council. With that we made our foray in the world of academic publishing and have had several successful titles since then.

The year 2017 saw the organization live two of its ambitious dreams – our Bengali audiobook app Power Talking Books accompanied by our first feature film in Bengali titled Sin Sister adapted from one of our own published titles. The movie was released this year and has garnered much love and appreciation. Sin Sister set the ball rolling for a new-fangled film division Power Publishers & Motion Pictures where today we produce everything from short-films, to features to ad films to web series with the help of a young team of industry professionals. Our short-film Synthetic Sati now streaming in Hoichoi and Mxplayer won several awards nationally and internationally making us a brand that people recognize with new-age story-telling. Our next short Agamani is available for streaming at addatimes. Sin Sister is also streaming in Hoichoi and Mxplayer.

Power Publishers recognizes itself as a brand driven by women since a large number of professionals within our freelancer base as well as our core-team comprises of talented women writers, actors and artists. The organization has also acted as a launchpad for several artistic talents who have made their mark in the regional as well as Bollywood movie industry.

Our mission is to strive to become one of the finest publishing platforms for new-age authors as well as bring something fresh and compelling into entertainment with each passing day.

Clients we have worked with


  • Pinaki Ghosh (Captain)
  • Sonali Ghosh

Core team

  1. Pinaki Ghosh
  2. Sanchaita Biswas
  3. Olivia Chatterjee Biswas
  4. Anupriya Duta
  5. Pinaki Dutta

Editorial / writing / translation / screenplay

  1. Sanchaita Biswas
  2. Anupriya Dutta
  3. Olivia Chatterjee Biswas
  4. Pinaki Dutta
  5. Judhajit Sarkar
  6. Budhaditya Bhattacharya
  7. Suchira Basu Gupta
  8. Kaustav Ghosh
  9. Kaustav Gupta
  10. Amlan Chakraborty
  11. Ranita Chakraborty Dasgupta
  12. Shouvik Bhattacharya
  13. Sayak Karmakar
  14. Sayantani Sengupta
  15. Sangeeta Chatterjee
  16. Payel Dasgupta
  17. Soumashree Mukherjee
  18. Ankita Banerjee
  19. Amitava Chaterjee
  20. Spandan Bose
  21. Mahima Das
  22. Mita
  23. Mohor Kundu
  24. Soumyadipta Kundu
  25. Koushik Bokshi
  26. Neha Agarwal
  27. Anwesha Nag
  28. Madhurakshi Ghosh
  29. Senjuti Bhattacharya

Film team

  1. Pinaki Ghosh
  2. Anupriya Dutta
  3. Rishav Ghosh
  4. Sayan Mullick
  5. Soumyadipta Kundu


  1. Ani Ghosh
  2. Ghanshyam Bochgeri
  3. Mithun Roy
  4. Rajib Das
  5. Sandeep Saha

Video editors

  1. Sayan Mullick
  2. Sourim Pal

Cover designers

  1. Kushal Bhattacharya


  1. Pinaki Ghosh

Audiobook team

  1. Sanchaita Biswas
  2. Anupriya Dutta
  3. Himagna Maitra


  1. Pinaki Dutta


  1. Suman Ray
  2. Pratik Agarwal
  3. Kajalkanti Das


  1. Subir Nandi
  2. Olivia Chatterjee Biswas


  1. Olivia Chatterjee Biswas

Website Maintenance

  1. Anindya Sundar Mondal
  2. Jamal

Power Publishers, Swabhumi Residency, Block 3, Ground floor, P-12 Motijheel Avenue, Kolkata 700074, India

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