Writing services

Ghostwriter Hire

Don’t have time or words to write a book? Let our professional writers write it for you. Publish in your name. Our ghostwriter hire service has completed 15 years & 2000+ projects. 

Biography Writer

Get your life’s achievements, philosophy and learning documented as a biography or memoir, for your followers and next generation.

Children’s Book Ghostwriter

Have an idea for a children’s book? Need help with writing down? Our expert children’s book ghostwriters are here to help.

Book Translation 

Get your book translated to another language and reach out to more readers.

Co-Author Hire

Hire a co-author to jointly write your book. If you have a book idea, hire a co-author to expand the idea. Share credits when published.

Song writer / lyricist hire

Get a talented lyricist to write the lyrics of your song.

Screenplay writer hire

Hire a professional screenwriter to write a script for your film or web series.

Film story writing

Hire a professional screenwriter to write a script for your film.

Film pitch writing

Pitch your film concepts to producers. Get a professionally written & designed pitch.

Book to screenplay adaptation

Get your book adapted to a feature film screenplay.

Screenplay to novel

Release a novel alongside the release of your film.

School books / textbook writer hire

Hire an expert writer to write a textbook or guidebook of school level.

Article / content writing

Get articles written for your website and other purposes.

Blog writing

No time to maintain your blog? Let us write and post your blog regularly.

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