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Power Publishers publishes a book in 2 weeks from manuscript submission. Power Publishers is India's leading self publishing company by popularity.

Power Publishers comes from Power Media and Entertainment Group, that runs some of the most successful, internationally popular and unique media services of the world like TheScreenplayWriters.com, world’s leading screenplay writing service; writer4me.com, world’s leading writer-hire service; power-publishers.com, India’s most popular self-publishing company; power-book-trailers.com, an unique service that creates compelling video book trailers; comic-book-artists.com, world’s leading and only platform from where you can hire experienced and talented comic book artists and script-writers; portraitnpainting.com, supermarket of art and designs.

We and our employees have worked with huge brands like BBC, National Geographic Channel, HBO, Turner, TriStar, GoDaddy, Marvel Comics, Motion Pixels, Channel 4, Cartoon Network, France 24 Channel, ABP Group to name a few.

The aim of Power Publishers is to give the freedom to ALL talented writers and poets with a chance to get themselves published. We believe there are thousands of talented writers and poets out there who are refused by conventional publishers just because conventional publishers only publish books based on the calculation whether the book is going to make profit for the company. They avoid specialized subjects. As such they make talented writers and poets wait for 4 months to 2 years before going through their manuscript and in 96% cases the reply they send is a cold 'Sorry, we cannot publish your book at this time'. This comes down as a major blow to the confidence of writers and poets leaving them heartbroken.

We at Power Publishers have tried to solve this situation. We neither refuse to publish, nor keep you waiting for an answer. We have a simple 4 step procedure to get yourself published - and you are assured to get your books in printed form within 2 weeks! Not only so, we send you enough complimentary copies so that you can sell or distribute them; pay you quarterly royalty with statement of accounts; provide editorial and designing service, cover art, sales, promotion and distribution assistance. Your book is made available all over the country, across 10,000 PIN code areas of India and also internationally through popular bookstores like Crossword, Flipkart, Infibeam, Ebay, Amazon's Junglee.com etc., through which your readers can by your book. We also search engine optimize your publication, so that it gets noticed online. We also send out copies of your book for review to 5 popular daily newspapers and you can see how many of our books have been in news or reviews over the media, if you visit this page (click here to see). We have also helped many authors organize their book launch event, photos of which can be seen here (click here to see).

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You own copyrights and can also withdraw your book any time if a major traditional publisher agrees to publish the same book later.

If your child is a talented writer or artist; get her/his book published through us. We have a company policy and actively want to support talented children who write, draw and paint well to get published. 30% of our authors are between the age group of 9 and 25.

Renowned authors like Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemmingway, Stephen King, Amish, Mark Twain, E. L. James (Fifty Shades of Gray), and Walt Whitman had taken the help of self publishing to get their books published. We all know what happened to them later.

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