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Here is what it costs:

  • Plain proofreading: Every writer needs an expert editor. Expert editors of our team will  correct all spelling and grammar errors and typos slips Fee: $3 per page / Rs 50 per page for 1 round proofreading; Rs 70 per page for 2 rounds proofreading. 1 page = 325 words.
  • Proofreading, professional polishing and partial rewriting for improvement: Under this, your manuscript will not only be thoroughly proofread, our expert editors but will also make the language crisp, partly rewrite it and make situational changes. Your writing will come out shining like those of professionals. Fee: $5 per page / Rs 150 per page. 1 page = 325 words.

Service tax: 14% extra applicable on the above.

Order this service online:

Here are the payment options to order this service https://www.power-publishers.com/get-published-now/pay

Mail us your manuscript at info@power-publishers.com.

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