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Don’t have time to write a book, but still want to be a published author? Go for our world famous book ghostwriting option.  To hire a ghostwriter for book ghostwriting is not uncommon. From celebrities to politicians, from speakers to life coaches, from professionals to small businessmen – everyone today go for hires a professional ghostwriter to write a book, which is the best option to establish oneself as an expert of her/his subject.

We are the world leaders when it comes to ghostwriting – our other website is the world’s leading ghostwriting service, with more than 1,900 ghostwritten books worldwide. Hire an experienced Indian ghostwriter to write your book.

Here is what it costs:

  • Ghostwriter for writing a non-fiction book (business book, professional advice book, self help, motivational, biographical, etc.): $18 per page / Rs 600per page. 1 page = 250 words.
  • Ghostwriter for writing a fiction book (novel, short stories, etc.) : $20 per page / Rs 700 per page. 1 page = 250 words.


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